Mission-Critical: The Role of Commercial Mobile Network Operators


For several years, I have benefited from operating in a fire service that incorporates mobile broadband into our responses. From the cab of the vehicle, we can see the call taker's notes that add important details to our understanding of the incident we are responding to. Unlike our mission-critical P25 voice communications, the mobile broadband data service is delivered over Verizon Wireless' commercial network. The success of using a commercial service for LTE has convinced me that mobile network operators around the world have a vital role in the delivery of mission-critical data communications. Nokia asked me to reflect on the topic in a paper that is available on Nokia's website. 

In this paper, I look at the role 3GPP standards evolution has played and the service capabilities the efforts have enabled. I also look at the pressure facing governments as they seek to balance public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) spectrum needs with economic goals. Finally, I look at the mobile network operator business case and the challenges they may face.

Link to the paper