Product Innovators

Helping innovators disrupt markets through sound strategy and effective marketing  

We work with innovative companies -- large and small -- driving transformative technology to market. Strategy teams often benefit from an outside perspective on strengths and weaknesses as well as the broader competitive landscape. Product marketing teams frequently benefit from message testing and refinement that delivers a honed market message. Finally, the go-to-market teams gain additional tools in the form of press quote support and webinar assistance. We will partner with your teams to boost their effectiveness. 

Service Providers

Crafting service strategies that speed adoptions  

We help network service providers communicate effectively with potential customers in mission critical enterprises. As mobile network operators expand beyond a traditional consumer and business customer base, CritComm Insights is ready to help strategy teams understand the opportunity and craft compelling offers. When it is time to go-to-market, we can help hone the message.


Understanding the range of possibilities  

Buying decisions are challenging at a time when new disruptive players are continually entering the market. We help governments and enterprises make sense of the complicated, fast-changing critical communications technology landscape. From due diligence efforts to RFP response evaluation, CritComm Insights provides an informed perspective on the ecosystem.

Making the right moves for society's safety  

Government ministerial departments have weighty responsibility for making long-term decisions that impact the health, safety and welfare of citizens. Moving from legacy voice-centric critical communications networks to flexible IP-based mobile broadband architectures presents signficant opportunities to reduce cost while radically improving community services. We help government officials consider the technology direction, opportunities for cost reduction and the potential for improved service delivery. 

Policy Makers