Going beyond the headline to deliver the "so-what" impact to operations  

CritComm Insights combines expertise in mobile radio technology evolution and public safety critical communications systems to evaluate trends driving changes in the market. Our analysis builds on relationships across the industry ecosystem and user base to deliver concise, timely research reports on breaking developments, as well as long-term views. 

Our analysis is freely available for non-commercial use. To use our content in marketing materials, you must contact us for licensing. Client subscriptions include fixed and discounted rates for content licensing.

Advisory Services

Translating analysis into what it means for your future  

The core of our customer subscriptions consists of advisory hours.  This service provides clients with flexible access to on-demand inquiries that drill down to address the specific needs of your business planning and go-to-market effort. The flexibility of these hours allows for a wide array of activities. Some examples include:

  • Focused questions about competitor strategies and announcements
  • Views on market status and opportunities
  • Market messaging review and refinement
  • Press quote support
  • Webinar moderation
  • Conference keynote delivery
  • Business strategy development

Contact us for an advisory services subscription tailored to the size and requirements of your organization.

Increasing your organization's impact with structured training on vital innovation  

Vendors and network operators bringing new critical communications technology solutions to market can boost their market impact by ensuring marketing and sales teams are up-to-date on end-user needs, technology trends and the competitive environment.  Likewise, end users -- government agencies and mission critical enterprises -- facing tough technology choices benefit from a broad understanding of the technology options, the supplier ecosystem and the experience of peer organizations. 

CritComm Insights provides high-impact comprehensive training tailored to the needs of your organization. Move faster with a skilled team.


Public Speaking 

Adding an extra dimension to your next event  

High-impact companies excel at communicating with customers through private events that highlight the organization's thought leadership, portfolio and people. CritComm Insights delivers an extra dimension with lively context-setting speeches that set the stage for the rest of the event. Beyond keynote addresses, we can ensure effective, engaging panel discussions by providing leadership as a moderator or contributing as a panelist.  

Helping the trade press understand why an announcement matters  

The trade-press works hard to take corporate news and report the facts. But reporters value deeper levels of insight coming from neutral observers. The press frequently seeks comment from industry analysts to bolster reporting on important announcements. CritComm Insights is available to reporters seeking comment on changes in critical communications technology and the marketplace. 

Companies planning significant announcements should consider providing an embargoed briefing in advance to ensure we are prepared to comment effectively on your news. We do not tout vendors or products, but we can bolster your marketing message by providing a critical perspective on why the move is valuable.  As part of our advisory services, clients may request our assistance for quotes supporting an outgoing press release.

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