Collaborating for Success: Critical Communications Finland

An extensive and robust Finnish critical communications ecosystem emerged with the support of a creative Erillisverkot management team. We were delighted to visit with a number of Critical Communications Finland, a collaborative interest group that encompasses end users, the country's public safety network operator Erillisverkot and a remarkable set of technology suppliers bringing products and services. Host Tero Pesonen guided an informative rapid-fire series of corporate presentations from member organizations who joined us in person or by conference call. Many thanks to Päivi Laakso-Kuivala (AirbusSLC), Mika Sharp (CloudStreet), Atte Kivistö (Goodmill) and Jarmo Lindström (Omnitele) for traveling to Espoo for the presentations.

The members of Critical Communications Finland that joined us helped illustrate the organization's breadth:

Airbus Secure Land Communications (SLC) - Providing TETRA networks and hybrid LTE/TETRA terminals

CloudStreet - A broad set of capabilities for Assured-Connectivity-as-a-Service offers. For critical communications networks, provides tools giving local authorities control of and visibility into network performance

Goodmill Systems - Critical vehicle communications platforms providing IP routing and multiple LTE connections

Omnitele - Consulting and professional services for network design and build

A repeated message from the Erillisverkot team was the importance of trust as a fundamental enabler of progress. The trust that has been diligently built over the years -- between end user organizations, between the network operator and its customers, between technology suppliers who co-exist in the ecosystem -- generate a healthy environment that stimulates innovation not found in many places. The benefits extend beyond Finland, as the members of Critical Communications Finland also deliver services and products to government agencies around the world. In boxing parlance, Finland punches above its weight class. A feat made possible by leadership, trust and collaboration.